RPG games and testing Althoug 2-05-2009

RPG games and testing Although the basic performance intact, but in fact even more limited. 2 Dark side of the beta test only the first chapter, the characters in the 18-level limit. Diablo 2 items games in the group to know that after the sale to the gradual adjustment of the game in goods and equipment, people skills and the balance between the enemy. If the players want the game to the entire balance of a constructive understanding, and that will require long testing time. Therefore, Diablo 2 items beta test as long as the test for the new war net characteristics, as well as in the early part of the Diablo 2 items, so that some of the more entertaining elements such as the upgrading of the perfect pleasure, the early equipment and skills are the enemy and tasks. Further deepen the system to remain in the balance after the sale, one after another to upgrade patch, after all, millions of players with the participation of the views of the role of the results is much better than hundreds of testers.

Q: beta test is usually how long it will last?

A: It depends on the purpose of beta testing. Blizzard game as a whole will likely do a long-term, thorough testing. Of course, there may be as Diablo 2 items is just as open and the low level of the early chapters. The latter is obviously the time to test the former to spend a short period of time. What is certain is that basically they are going to test the new war net's full functionality, such as the (only possible elements) shared storage, trading e-mail, buddy list, a special task rare, and so on and so forth.

The new war net will also be used for interplanetary 2, and Star 2 is on sale as early as the Diablo 2 items. Theoretically, Star 2 will act as test of the new war net and mice will work to identify all the problems, this will be the D3 will greatly simplify the testing process.


Beta testing what is Diablo 3?    1-15-2009

A: Beta testing is nearing completion of the game for large-scale testing. So far, all the Blizzard Diablo 2 itemsgames are semi-public Beta testing of these thousands of people signed a network of public testing, including the Blizzard employees and their friends, family members, fans of the site invitees, the media industry, Other game companies employ a number of other staff. With the progress of Beta testing will promote the expansion of the size of the testers: At first only a few dozen people, and then gradually expanded to hundreds of thousands of people in and then. In the last days of receipt of the mail Beta testing means that the CD you will become a member of them; Now via Web sharing Beta Test client can more easily release of more effective testing CDkey

Q: Alpha test, then what is it?

A: Alpha testing is in the early beta testing testing, and to the size of a small number of. Compared to the beta client, Alpha client more original, more of a prototype, the game is usually not completed and the embryonic form of fun is not high. Alpha test more subtle, is limited to Blizzard employees and their families and friends.

Q: Beta testing for?

A: The game is based on the requirements of many tests Beta purpose

Diablo 2 items at the beginning of Beta testing on behalf of war was becoming net Beta test, because his main purpose is to test a new type of online games Blizzard server. Included in the test packet within the D1 in fact just a test. The real purpose is to test operation of the network war.

Beta testing of all games are in order to modify the main technical problems. Test run public persons variety of platforms, unusual. Therefore, a balance of all the hardware and software problems so that the Blizzard technical team who are too busy. The growing ranks of those tests will also continue to find corporate quality assurance department did not find the BUG them to deal with the company.

Beta testing for the same companies shun early stroke-player game experience to make a significant contribution. Beta testing is not complete, including the game, but they are bound to be some of the early part of the game, including figures and the establishment of an open, because the game will be bringing in players and into the fun is very important (especially in heavy snow Game). This is the game to make the company a wide range of testers to participate in one of the reasons why; ashes because players often lose sight of some of the primary problems with the error, and those who do not have game experience or dedication of the players will not.

In tests during the Diablo 2 items games will be experienced many changes. 2 Star would like to do real-time strategy game that contains the entire game although the properties, but only to provide on-line part of the war. Games will continue to test a few months, and each time found that the strength of the entire system when the imbalance will be carried out to improve the adjustment.


Diablo 3 items will have a Bate test  --  1-11-2009

Although the beta test of the Diablo 2 items on the official Blizzard did not mention. However, the game sold over a period of time before they will definitely carry out the first time.

Following is you want to know the Beta testing on the Diablo 2 items all. In a question-and-answer given way:

Q: Diablo 2 items will have a Beta test it?

A: This question has not been official confirmation, but so far every Blizzard game, there will be a large-scale public Beta testing. If no Diablo 2 items to the success of this will be a part of the unimaginable

?Jay Wilson has been on sale before the game in the snow show that the embryonic form of the game made a number of acts done:

?AG: Blizzard are all very happy to have been the game's early image to the players, I was very interested. You do not feel that the premature display of your game is some risk? This is what is behind the kind of significance?

Quote:Jay: There is only one risk only to your self-confidence (self?) Have a risk. If your game is good, people will realize that if the game is good enough, you can get lessons learned and make it better. I think many cases, people do not want too early to allow people to see their games. They do not want to let some people may have misunderstood their (works) to remove the dissemination of information. I can understand this, but there is one thing, players only care about what you give them the final. So they look to the chant, if they feel that God simply too heinous to think of! ~, Then you ~ All right, let us look at where the problems lied, and then allow it to better. Then you will get some inspiration - at least you get some information.

The reason why we do this because we want to get a lot of feedback; we would like to know the players are not satisfied and satisfied with the place; we want the game to the players before the sale started. In the pre-sale we have been playing Diablo 2 items our own game, and we also let the other team to play the game and then recover the feedback. We have a game for a long period of β and α, and a lot of these people - not only players but also must have the game industry, such feedback before the full sample. We put on sale before the game to a lot of other producers of game play. I can say that the success of Blizzard Diablo 2 itemsgames with the feedback they are inseparable. If the other team think this is a risk. . . This is not because we have to make a good model


Daiblo 2 cd key , zoom and rotate for free 1-10-2009

3 D-wide screen, zoom and rotate for free, super Xuanli the fighting screen,mysterious Degong scene, the popular animation skills, translucent particles proliferation…… 4 career, St. Cleveland, the Witch, Jean de Ruyt,assassin again and again so that your blood boiling. Is this what the legends of the Diablo 2 items ?2003, a well-known domestic online games into the site of a so-called" legendary "Diablo 2" Animations "(Click here to download), and a bunch of thumbnails film……

Rumors 3:

"Sacred Chronicle." Or "Inner Mongolia." Not what you call, but then, this really is a legend for the industry, "Diablo 2 items" ARPG. From the game to a map interface to the on-line Versus the way, it is people think of are all big pineapple. In your village dialogue with the NPC, by mandate, killing all the way past, come back to the village to continue the dialogue or transaction…… But in fact, it is not like Diablo, it is closer to D & D or World of Warcraft, it is only a Europe US-style 3 DARPG, but sense of movement and operation of flu, it Queyuanburu or the Diablo 2 D, and the mass of BUG, it and other ARPG as soon quiet in 5700, under which the Diablo is a By unnoticed.

Rumors 4:

Modern version of "Diablo 2 items" - "restricted zone" ? Below this view shots, it really so also seems to be a fraction spirit likeness, but the numbness in their numerous facing this big pineapple posted to the PP's game advertising gimmicks, who is also how much confidence to believe that a The so-called "Diablo 2 items"? ? Fortunately, this game will soon be listed, and the demo version can also download (click here), is true or false, a post-mortem on the audience to know.


"Diablo 2", with an incredible "damage", starting in   1-8-2009

"Diablo 2 items", with an incredible "damage", starting in 2008 swept across the entire world. You believe that all the old players over four years, is absolutely impossible to forget this game. "Diablo", "Hellfire", "Diablo 2 items", "Huimiezhiwang"…… big pineapple these three words, with us through a number of sleepless nights; cattle customs, network warfare, KM…… How those words makes us familiar with the cordial. Diablo regret not only created a large number of gamers, but also created after almost 80 percent of the online games and ARPG the prototype, the red bottle, blue bottles, belts, green equipment, the central angle of 45 degrees, upgrade and a point…… Now think about when the game production company is not innovative, but look at that when Diablo have stood to a peak of 2 D game, in addition to mimic those in the mountains look up at the foot of the production, and also other ways to Beyond it Mody ?

So, of course, in heavy snow after immersion in the "Warcraft 3" and "World of Warcraft" light, "Diablo" but goes unnoticed - in addition to a 110 version of waves stirred up over a while. Therefore, "Diablo 2 items" have started the speculation surfaced, according to those teaser lost its lonely Sizhong players……

One rumor:

Russian hackers steal out into Blizzard, "Diablo 2 items" of the setting information, including details of the plot background and career. The news spread in a number of campus BBS, please credibility of discretion. Following is a legend in Diablo 2 items posters, with the specific story of up to 12 employment agencies here.


People version of "Diablo 2" The biggest problem is that hackers can easily create powerful magic. ----   1-7-2009


People version of "Diablo 2 items" The biggest problem is that hackers can easily create powerful magic items and change the attributes figures and other data files, because the games are in the audience all the data on local hard disk storage . "Diablo 2" released only a few weeks time, in fact do not want to reset your password on Blizzard's free site on a server for the game, players will certainly run into some manipulation of a superpower who, intentional destruction of it Games hackers. now provide a figure used to store data optional filing, is expected to eventually eliminate the hardship Longzhe original game hackers, because of the cheating appears to be those who can not modify the data.

Blizzard's Internet server with the original "Diablo 2 items" published simultaneously starting, but now times have changed and the facts prove that it can not hope to cope with the existing online playing "Diablo 2" the number of players. The current slow pace of the game, and thought "Diablo 2 items" game testing and the original game can run smoothly, it is beyond people's expectations. Presumably after the expansion, should be an easier access, more interesting choice, because the world rankings and games, and other characteristics of the pure model can only online at closer experience, this has to be particularly critical. Blizzard decided to add pure model of the players deserve praise, the use of this mode, players whether to spend a few hours training a figure, it can not come back from the dead his. This feature is creating a real tension and excitement of the game experience - this is a daunting that many players the option, but in "Diablo 2 items" a "spiritual predecessor" "Nethack and Rogue", who will be killed A similar cruel consequences, and the fact that these games have a more attractive never dissipated.

For "Diablo 2 items" of the development team, the response to the original Youxi all the problems is obviously top priority. Most players are likely to change, even if not all, welcome. "Diablo 2" provides a broader world of the game; players in the cluster can be released onto the game and not worry about the cheating will be invaded; game also has more complex and interesting characters development system. Although the game looks the image some years, but the "Diablo 2" is worthy of repeated recollection, re-playing and, most importantly, whether it is the single-player or multiplayer mode provides a very attractive Game manipulation.


At the same time, games will always be obtrusive automatically map the functional interference and blurred. -- 1-6-2009


At the same time, games will always be obtrusive automatically map the functional interference and blurred. Although the audience can turn off the map or arbitrarily adjust brightness map, but the game of the outdoor environment is complex and changeable, which makes map wizard role far greater than the original "Diablo 2 items", the map will be blocked most of the time players in the game Horizon. The game should at least provide map display option, players can choose in this corner of the screen shows a map of smaller models, so that it does not so offended. Fortunately, the developers of the game design and interface to make some changes, although these changes may still far from enough, but they still bring a very significant results. One of them is, inter-regional games in the conversion of the load time is not so obvious - the only two acts in the conversion between the audience can feel included in the process. In addition, in an attack at the moment players do not have to keep clicking the mouse, simply hold down the mouse button on a continuous attacks enemy, which has been greatly reduced in previous versions of the game dull mouse clicks. The game has also increased the skills and spells of hot keys, but because of the insufficient number hotkey, players can not use them quick, quick access to all the people skills. It is quite surprising that, despite the access to and use of works in the original "Diablo 2 items" in a critical capacity, Westwood's "saviors legend" (Nox) in the audience to facilitate access to regional map skills and the use of characters, Curse Language and the articles do some more remarkable.


Although the "Diablo 2 items" of the cooperative multiplayer mode is no doubt the attraction, it provides a single player does not have a variety of difficult options. But there is still full of players complain that the game only exists in the most requested single mode. "Diablo 2 items", single-and multiplayer modes almost no difference Hao Li, and all requests and the difficulty level can be found in the two versions. Multiplayer modes of "Diablo 2 items" does not support memory function at any time, after the death of the game figures to empty-handed, through the difficulty and that his return to the danger of Huang Quan died retrieve treasure. The game designers clearly that the original game's multiplayer modes worthy of the conflict to continue, and should be transplanted to single-mode, because in the sequel, this is the only way to progress in storage. Players can not progress in storage at any time, but when the game after the success of Save (whether automatic storage or withdraw from a post player), a new monster will be filled with the entire game world. There are many games in the transmission can be activated, so gamers who just can always return to the region to explore the surrounding areas, but also to that region to produce many monsters, even if you have been completely eliminated. No use of the main menu in the "archiving out" option to withdraw from the games will make you lost the war booty seized recently. Although this new version of the game will not let you progress at any time call storage function, and therefore exploring new areas of "self-denial" to stimulate a sense, this will make design decisions doomed to a group of players were very angry, so they delegated the enthusiasm of the injury .


It is precisely because of the lack of difficulty  -   1-5-2009

  It is precisely because of the lack of difficulty, so experienced players may be early in the game was Suoran tasteless. Nevertheless, they still have the figures to increase development options appreciation. In addition to the new game will be increased to five types of figures, the difference between the five races have been significantly increased. "Diablo 2 items", although each race has its own strengths and inherently superior to other ethnic fighting long way, but the game's unique ethnic song that skills are few. "Diablo 2 items", the figures development system after Shampoo leather face, almost every race has their own unique skills. Furthermore, players can choose who want to obtain or improve skills, even the same race the same characters, their growth trajectory may be completely different. Similarly, in view of the game before the attributes of magical powers to decide a simple figures spells duty, so this re-definition of the new game characters into each race must be familiar with and grasp this affect a wide range of attributes. The ethnic differences and enhance the skills of a wider choice of a considerable increase in the Naiwan game, especially since the Blizzard excellent manner so that each type of race is very lively and interesting. Although the casual gamers, "Diablo 2" to increase the complexity of the game is not very friendly, but this is, after all,games and "Diablo 2 items" compared to the most important improvements.

  On the other hand, "Diablo 2 items" Image is very disappointing, with Utah before the comparison. When the "Diablo 2" when it is published at the end of 1996, its image a bit hacked SVGA World panic vulgar. Three years have passed, these low-resolution images no longer have power, it is only just barely satisfactory. However, this is precisely the "Diablo 2 items" to the dedication of all. The game does have some notable improvement of the image, such as games and translucent lighting effects, and depicts flat object 3 D shiny new parallax rolling, no matter what, 2 D image of the game is not satisfactory, even in large-screen display a bit A defect and not clear.


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