Diablo 3 News

Diablo 3 News
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 Question Name 
 'Known Issue for Game's Release' Interesting Wording 
 2008-2011 WOW 
 4 players per game..what do you think? 
 About Diablo III Physics: Blood and Corpses Problem 
 Affixes that are odd on some items in Diablo 3? 
 An interesting idea to fix skill swapping 
 Annual pass deal question CE makes it worthless to me? 
 Archer class inevitable in Diablo 3 ? 
 Are you happy with all the classes in Diablo 3? 
 Armor sets/tier 
 Bashiok Discusses Inventory Systems of D3 
 Bashiok Explains All Diablo 3 Classes And Act 1 Are Not Done 
 Bashiok On Diablo 3 Stat Points Question 
 Bashiok: This worked in the SC2 forums 
 Best dropped/crafted diablo items you got in the beta? 
 Best dropped/crafted Diablo items you got in the beta?áadd pic a 
 Beta Patch 7 Notes Server now UP d3 
 Bill Roper on DIII Art Style 
 Blizzard said: "D3 is the most moddable version of Diablo there' 
 Blizzard Theme Park Contest 
 Blizzcon interviewsáD3DB, DTOID, GamerLiveTV 
 Blizzcon RMAH question 
 Blue Magic Find Post Not overflowing with confidence for soonish 
 Bundling items in the auction house 
 Can i find Zakarum in D3? 
 Can witch doctor get a make-over? 
 Charms in Diablo 3 Gone? Yes or no? 
 Class idea: Elemental weapon user 
 Competition Modes - Replay 
 D III & hacks 
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