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Monday 24 June, 2013

I purchased a serial number for Frozen Throne ,I am sorry for the first feedback,Because my ROC key disabled,so it's not your problem.already fixed it
Testimonial By: Tsvetelin Donkovski

Still waiting

Thursday 13 June, 2013

It has now been 30mins and i have still not got my Diablo 2 and LOD key. A little dissapointed.
Testimonial By: Thomas Laursen

Good But still waiting for my cd key

Wednesday 29 May, 2013

Just brought my WarZ CD key and i am still waiting
Testimonial By: elliott amiss gallant

Really Great!

Monday 27 May, 2013

Guys this is awesome! At first I tought it was a rip-off but it's not! I got what I paid for in less than 2 hours! I am really happy about the service! Thanks mmo1ST!
Testimonial By: Jean-Pierre Bouillon — Québec, Canada

Slow but legit!

Friday 17 May, 2013

alright, i ordered my diablo 2 cd keys at about 415pm and got them at 6 , was expecting in 30 minutes but the time is fine, i bought a cd key from another website before and it took longer so i am very pleased . 4/5 slow service, but thanks! love it . will recommend to friends. guaranteed . and to anyone reading this now. Thanks!

-manuel perez from california
Testimonial By: Manuel Perez

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