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Diablo 2 CD-Key muted

Thursday 22 December, 2016

So you can use these Keys to login to but cannot chat, you are banned from that.
Testimonial By: Robert Stadler

Long service

Sunday 04 December, 2016

Odered D2 Battle Chest, waited for an hour, than concated live support. No answer. Finally, recieved my keys in 2 hours, luckily working. So, cheap, but slow, you decide :)
Testimonial By: Zakhar


Sunday 27 November, 2016

it's been 2 hours now, still no keys, starting to wonder
Testimonial By: Mikaël Posset

Got it after three hours

Friday 10 June, 2016

Made an testimonial starting to panic as the lan party was getting on halt, after three hours I have gotten the games and I'm now very satisfied.
Testimonial By: joakim liedman

Update to honest delivery times!

Friday 10 June, 2016

Bought d2+Lod, Got tired of trying to pirate (Have no shame as I bought the games several times) and thought as this as a quick fix, site saying usual is within 40 minutes, after three hours contact us to check. The live support isn't up and site didn't respond to my mail as of yet. The problem isn't really the delivery time, just not what I would expect from what the site is saying, an more honest approach would satisfy me - Still waiting for my games
Testimonial By: joakim liedman

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